Week 1


Web 2.0 is all about the user expereance. It is interactive allowing users to contribute to with some key elements including.

  • User participation.
  • User creativity and participation.
  • Web standards.
  • User participation.
  • Data driven and the joy of use.


The use of technology is and has been growing in numbers over the years, but the growth in mobile devices has rapidly escalated in a very short about of time, this is something designers should consider when designing experiences for users online.

web 2.0


I would define Interactive Design as an approach to creating something of value for a user within their environment and expertise to accomplish a task easily and efficiently. This can be defined more intricately by each part of the interaction. I would say that a user or program faces a problem and must perform a solution. The problem or task requires some kind of solution that can only be resolved by the ability to understand the circumstances and perform a reaction. A user should be allowed to respond to a problem or task in a manner that is most efficient for them. It should be easily accessible and user friendly. It should also have functional menu items, and tool bars that will all perform the same exact function. But still allow the user to perform the most comfortable manor, If a person is not comfortable with the keyboard shortcuts then how much longer would it take if there was not a menu or tool to select from visually.

  • Interactivity
  • Information architecture
  • Time and motion
  • Narrative
  • Interface

Social Media, Bubble, Web 2.0, Cloud Thought.






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