Week 3

Summary – Interactive Design Process

Points in the Design Process

  • The design process includes
  • The concept
  • The gathering of information
  • The clients’ budget and restrictions (if any).
  • Brainstorming of ideas.
  • Prototyping and design development.
  • Testing and feedback.
  • Improvements and launch.

Design Process map Infographic Design Process Infographic Planning and Scenarios

  • Finding your target audience
  • Making it personable and familiar to the target audience.
  • Making sure to take in to account your users persona and making it easy readability.
  • Description of the body and soul of the entire project, with all the details, and the method by which each element will be implemented.

Users Persona 4 Key words to remember when creating a design document.

  • Caring, Humble, Conscientious and Guiding
  • And supporting key words with imagery.


User personas make the design of the application more memorable for the user, because it is well researched and is designed specifically for a certain target audience The persona can be very welcoming for the user and their overall experience, bringing empathy to the design process helps us consider how other people are thinking and feeling. A user scenario allows you to grow upon the users stories by including details about how a system might be experienced, and used. The design process should take into consideration the users overall experience with technology and highlight any specific knowledge that they might have with interactive media.

Toast Mock up / Mood-board


References and Images 

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